Migrer vers Swift 3

Swift 3.0 change tout, encore une fois. Si vous pensiez que passer de Swift 1.2 à 2.0 était un grand changement, préparez vous à une refonte du langage phare d’Apple ! Heureusement, l’outil de migration de versions de Swift, qui… Lire la suite

Implementing a cache manager in Swift

In this article we’ll see how we can make a simple cache manager in swift. The goal is to store NSCoding compliant objects to the phone and restore them afterwards. We’ll use an identifier string that is provided to the… Lire la suite

Create protocol and implement delegation in Swift

First of all, start by creating a new Swift file and name it something like HLRequestDelegate ; that will define your protocol.

To call your delegate, you may now create a new class instance and call methods defined in previous Swift file…. Lire la suite